《 Taiwan 》 – Urbex with FPV Cinematic |2.7K GoPro



An experiment film created with self build FPV quad copter during my trip in Taiwai. I am so sorry about the jello effect. I’m still searching for a solution. Hopefully, next time I can bring you guy a smoother video.


0:27 – Grace Hill 麗庭莊園 Towards the Easternmost part of Neihu District 內湖區 in Taipei City 台北, lie the remains of the Grace Hill Wedding Complex 麗庭莊園 – a now crumbling post-apocalyptic, modernist, fairytale, concrete fortress that just a few years prior to my visit in August 2017, was a lavishly extravagant wedding venue, and the setting for the happiest day of many people’s lives.


1:07 – The Thirteen Levels 十三層遺址 The Shuinandong Smelter (水湳洞精鍊廠) was built in 1933 but after Japan’s surrender, the state-run Taiwan Metal Mining Company took over. Around 1973 though, the gold and copper in these hills eventually ran out, and the Company went out of business. Along with Jinguashi’s mining industry, the smelter, now affectionately coined The Remains of the Thirteen Levels (十三層遺址), also ceased to exist.


Equipment: 215mm frame: ➜ http://bit.ly/2JEuPXY

RS2205 2300KV motor: ➜ http://bit.ly/2Lhoo09

Gopro Session Hero 5

1300mAh 4s LiPo Battery

Software:Final Cut Pro + After effect (Reelsteady)

Mirai Official Page ➜ https://mirai.zone


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